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Twiford Security provides unique presentations and training by peace officers current and retired, as well as licensed private investigators. The topics include: Women’s Self-Defense
  • Use of Pepper Spray
  • Personal Safety
  • Firearms and Baton Training
  • Private Protection
  • Bodyguard Protection
  • Martial Arts
  • Office Awareness
  • Advantages of Security Monitoring in Today’s World
All training seminars are tailored for small business groups as well as large corporations and government agencies. Attendees include business executives, teachers and battered women’s groups.
These presentations inform and advise businesses on how to protect themselves, their employees, their clients, and their most important asset—their business information.


Personal, professional and business-oriented classes are adapted for the needs of the client. 
Security & Protection
  • Creating a Safe Environment
  • Security Awareness, Recognizing the Threat
  • Developing a Solution
  • Stopping the Threat
Women's Self Defense
  • Self-Awareness
  • Fight or Flight
  • Personal Protection
  • Pepper Spray (Proper Use/Deployment)
Baton Training
  • 8-Hour Classroom Training
  • BSIS-State Approved
  • Lifetime State Permits Issues (Same Day)
  • PR24 Side Handle, Expandable and Straight Baton
  • Baton Familiarization, Proper Techniques and Handling
  • Use of Force
De-Escalation of Force
  • Verbal
  • Threat Recognition/Developing Situation
  • Contact Resolution
  • Create a Safe Environment
California Guard Card Training
  • 4-Hour Course in "Powers to Arrest"
  • 4-Hours Course in "Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terrorism Awareness"
Report Writing
  • Security Awareness
  • Observation Techniques
  • Courtroom Demeanor, Citizens Arrest, Inspections and Much More
Exposed Firearms Permit
  • 14-Hour Classroom Training (8-Hours Classroom/6-Hours Range)
  • Firearms Nomenclature
  • Weapons Handling and Shooting Fundamentals
  • Carrying and Use of Firearms
  • BSIS-State Approved
Handcuffing/Arrest Procedures
  • Verbal Commands, Proper Stance, Approach, High-Risk Search
  • Compliant and Non-Compliant Arrests
  • Standing and Prone Handcuffing, Proper Technique for Standing a Handcuffed Subject
  • Proper Removal of Handcuffs
To get a complete list of current classes, please go to the Contact Page and request the most current class list, which we will send to you via email.

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