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James E. Twiford Security / Monitoring is a client-focused security company committed to building dependable partnerships through our services based on trust and reliability.
They currently provide professional unarmed and armed security and patrol services to the following establishments:
  • Retail/Shopping Malls 
  • Residential/Apartments
  • Houses of Worship 
  • Auto Dealerships 
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Convention Centers
  • Special Events
  • Bodyguards for Celebrities 
  • Workplace Violence Issues
  • School/Educational Institutions Security
  • Financial Institutions
  • Crisis Management
  • Catastrophic Event Security
  • Strikes and Labor Dispute
  • Security for People and Property
  • Executive and Dignitary Protection
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Financial Institutions
  • Airports
  • Healthcare Security

Monitoring and Consulting

Twiford Security works with several leading suppliers and installers of high-quality CCTV surveillance camera systems, including digital video recording systems (DVR’s) and remote monitoring systems. They provide complete security to both commercial and residential sectors by protecting them against theft, vandalism, and crime.
Twiford Security can help sort through all the terminology and technology, and refer businesses that supply and install state-of-the-art CCTV and security products at exceptionally low prices, complete with full ongoing technical support. CCTV cameras are excellent for private residences, apartments, and condominium complexes, office, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, government buildings, banks, hospitals and more.

Bodyguard Services /Executive and Dignitary Protection

James E. Twiford Security / Monitoring’s bodyguard and protection services are provided by former California law enforcement officers with extensive experience, assuring that your safety is in the most capable hands at all times. When your security or that of your family, employees or business is at risk, their team of experts can quickly asses your unique situation and advise on measures and procedures to implement to help ensure safety for your home or business.
Uniformed (armed or unarmed) security personnel are available as well as plain-clothes detectives. Twiford Security’s main concern is their customer’s wellbeing and safeguarding their property. You’ll find we have the ability to respond to your security or protection needs, and resolve any problem quickly and efficiently. Twiford Security offers bodyguard and executive protection providing VIP, corporate, individual, celebrity and dignitary protection to clients throughout the Northern California area.

Workplace Violence Protection

Violence in the workplace—from disgruntled employees, employee’s personal issues or outside threats—has become an area of great concern for businesses. James E. Twiford Security / Monitoring have responded to these concerns by offering solutions when a possible threat exists.
In some instances, unarmed security personnel in uniform, being in a specific area or watching specific persons, may be the proper solution. If the threat level is greater, they may recommend using armed uniformed security personnel. In areas such as executive offices and hotel lobbies, businesses have utilized their investigative division in positing plainclothes investigator.
Whether you choose personnel, plainclothes or uniformed guards, James E. Twiford Security / Monitoring is prepared to respond to your security needs either on a temporary or permanent assignment.

Residential/Gated Community Protection

At James E. Twiford Security / Monitoring, our staff and management have been supplying security services for gated communities for over 20 years.
We are equipped to position security officers at the entrances to control traffic, supply pool monitors during seasonal months, place dedicated patrol vehicles in your community, and schedule roving patrols to enforce rules and parking issues.
Security officers are thoroughly trained on procedures for each community and updated regularly through communication with property management and attending security meetings.
Vehicle patrol security services are available in marked vehicle patrol units that can provide protection to those sites not requiring permanent onsite presence. These inspections are useful and cost effective in the detection of crime or vandalism. In addition, inspections are quite helpful in to checking the status of machinery or contacting emergency contacts as necessary.
James E. Twiford Security / Monitoring’s Dispatch Center, which operates 24 hours a day, is staffed by well-trained experienced personnel, capable of handling routine and emergency conditions.
Parking enforcement, locking and unlocking of buildings, controlling vagrants and trespassers as well as general property inspections are just a few examples of why James E. Twiford Security / Monitoring Patrol Division can benefit your security needs.

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