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  • Serving Northern California Since 2010
    Bringing over 40 years of combined security service experience
  • Private, Commercial and Industrial Security
    Professional uniformed security and monitoring services
  • Family Owned and Operated
    Owned and operated by retired and current law enforcement officers
Reliable Security & Protection
Steadfast monitoring, consulting and bodyguard services to protect our clients.
Specialized Training
Advanced security training for those looking to enter the security field.

Certified Instructors
Unique presentations and training by licensed private investigators.

Join Our Team
Begin a solid career in the security industry by collaborating with us.


James E. Twiford Security / Monitoring is a Tracy, California-based company, offering a wide range of services to both the private individuals and the business community throughout Northern California. We provide professional uniformed security (armed or unarmed) as well as monitoring services for building/business protection and personal protection.
Dedicated to providing the best services available, Twiford Security is owned and operated by retired and current law enforcement officers, bringing over 40 years of experience to the job. Our security personnel are highly trained by Twiford’s state-certified BSIS licensed and experienced instructors.
James E. Twiford Security / Monitoring also offers BSIS state-approved classes, at their licensed training facility, for those who are looking to enter the security industry and procure their initial security guard card as well as security enhancement and advanced training for security officers that include: 
  • Lifetime certificate baton training
  • Weapons training
  • Pepper spray training
  • Recertification
  • Training portfolio and education expansion
Certificates are issued to all personal for each class completed.
Twiford is well aware of the needs of our community, for both personal and business protection, and are committed to serving their clients with confidential, expedient, cost-effective and professional customer service.

Our Logo Defined:


Or. (Gold)

The color represents two metals of heraldry and denotes generosity and elevation of mind.


Peace, sincerity, faith and purity

Sable or Black

Consistency and loyalty


Two Cross Bars

Denotes the last stand - "the buck stops here" and is an award for military command with victory

The Crest Demi Lion

Strength, courage and generosity as well as being in the bloodline of kingship

Translation (upper corner)

This can only be awarded by the king for services in his name of the king. (Cinquefoil denotes abundance and fertility). The floral band and gold is a stemless five-pointed leaf awarded for bravery in combat. Only the king can make awards to the colors or coat of arms

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